Welcome to RECM

With a history spanning nearly two decades, RECM is a manager of a wide variety of deep pools of capital.

By following our conviction, we have access to a significant network and substantial balance sheets for investments.

Our platforms include listed and unlisted investment entities, a qualifying investor hedge fund (QIHF) as well as private and listed B-BBEE investment platforms.

Investment Focus

In public markets, we seek out mispriced opportunities with attractive return prospects. The capital we manage is patient and versatile, with the ability to be allocated globally or within South Africa. We invest in equity, debt, hybrid and derivative instruments. We are able to express our views on currencies and commodities as well.

In private markets, we are partners to entrepreneurs on their growth journeys. We do not have a fixed investment term and we do not insist on heavily leveraged balance sheets to drive returns. Our model is one of partnering with businesses and applying our skills and capital in helping entrepreneurs deliver on their strategies.

Our Platforms

We have relationships with the following investment platforms:

RECM & Calibre

RECM Flexible Value Prescient QI Hedge Fund

Merchant West SCI Worldwide Flexible Fund

(private B-BBEE investment entity)


Learn more about our holding company RECM Global and listed entity Astoria Investments, which is managed by RECM Global.


Learn more about the RECM Foundation, a non-profit institution that provides funding for education initiatives.